Bubble Hash

Bubble hash has this cute name because it forms small bubbles when heated – which is also a way for you to gauge its quality. It is made without the use of solvents, which makes both your production process and consumption much safer. After all, as you already know, the focus must always be on Harm Reduction – not only in relation to the consumption of the substance, but also in its production.

Bubble hash is our favorite type of hash. We believe that in addition to being one of the safest extractions, it is a true expression of the quality of the plant – After all, a good hash only comes out if the flowers, the washed matter is good! Therefore, all the love for those who grow the plants, these are the real talents of the cannabis world – long live the grower. The world is different when it comes to growing resin and not necessarily smoking dried flower – there are countless other characteristics that can be taken into account, in California this is called: resin growers or resin farming.

With the advancement of technology and the establishment of regulated markets in some countries such as the USA and Canada, strategies for making this form of hashing have developed. In our post we will try to address simpler and more homemade ways of making bubble hash at home, but also to tell a little about the things that are happening worldwide. From Frenchy Cannoli with his traditional hash and much of what we see in Brazil, to the famous white ice wax in California and Colorado to vaporize, or give a dab!


How is it used and what are its effects?


The bubble hash can be used in several ways: in the vaporizer, in the bong, in pipes and in the joint itself. It can be mixed with cannabis (remember to dose carefully, due to the amount of THC), or with tobacco. Hash can also be mixed with butters to make edible cannabis, which are great for this pandemic season, when smoking is not recommended.

Its effects are the same as cannabis, but they can be more intense because of its purity. Some of them can have more than 50% THC – and, as we know, this substance, when used alone, can be a trigger for anxiety attacks.


What is the bubble hash or also known as Water Hash?


The bubble hash is the result of separating trichomes from buds (flowers) or trim using only ice, water and filter bags. This form is known as one of the most effective ways to preserve terpenes and to extract hash with a sensational flavor. Remember that trichomes and cannabinoids are not soluble in water, so they are not damaged by agitation – so don’t worry about being rough with the plant!The idea of using filter bags with different microns is to be able to separate different sizes of trichome heads and also to separate this resin from the rest of the plant matter. Cold water, ice and agitation, on the other hand, make the head of these trichomes (filled with oil) have a harder and less sticky consistency so that they detach more easily from the plant and remain loose in the water of the hash – that’s why the importance the whole process will be very cold .There are different ways to carry out this procedure, either with machines (such as camping washing machines) or even by hand with a spoon or shovel (here in California we use a Canoe paddle) and a bucket. If you do not have a specific machine, and that can be used specefically for this, the best option is to use what you have available.Are you a little confused by so many variations in such a process? No problem. It is important to say that hashing is an art – each artist, in the case of a hashmaker, will have their own cake recipe to hash in their favorite way. There are some common mistakes (like not guaranteeing low temperatures during the procedure), but the cycle time, type of strains, bags they use, ways of shaking, drying, can vary a lot – and that is what is the magic of this universe.


Some important tips


  • Whichever method you choose, low temperatures are essential to maintain the quality of the hash and lose less trichomes along the way.


  • Attention in the order of filtering in the bags! It can be disastrous for example to change the order of a 150u for a 45u.


  • Doing it at home is not expensive, but you need to invest in quality materials to get the best result.


  • Use everything that has trichomes, discard the large leaves that are full of water. They can be potential contaminants of your hash. Do it with buds and flowers, and don’t forget the leaves that are just below the flowers: they are also full of trichomes!


  • We have already spoken, but it is worth repeating: when using, dose wisely. Nobody wants a “bad trip” with such a wonderful extraction, right?



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